3, 2, 1

Ok, so I've been threatening for who knows how long now to start my blog, and you know what I have to much to say and share to not start it right now!
So here goes...

Even though it might be a little late, let me start what's hot on everyone's lips (and no I'm not talking about the VUVUZELA) the FIFA Soccer World Cup hosted by my own homeland, South Africa.
I was lucky enough to visit home the month before the cup started, and i must say that even though I've always been a proud South African, I've never been prouder than at this time. We might not have the best soccer team, hell we might not even be ranked in the top 50, but who cares when you see the spirit that we have!
I don't think i need say anymore, but let the pictures speak fro themselves...


and wherever there is buz, there is always fashion...