love that bag.

Brian Atwood on refinery29


this is amy.

Whilst on one of those internet surfing missions, when you actually get so lost you forget what your initial reason for being there was, I found Amy. She is an illustrator, designer and pattern maker from Melbourne who creates all manners of things. Wouldn't mind having a few of these.

She also has a really cool blog called all the mountains, go have a looksie!



Freunde von Freunden

You know how sometimes you can find an awesome site and forget to bookmark it and totally let the name slip by you, well that what happened with this site. I found it about a year ago and for a whole entire day (in between the tedious tasks of my then job) I was staring at these apartment shoots and dreaming of living in a big flat in Berlin (the size of apartments here are much to be desired). I finally rediscovered the site and am happy to see that they have expanded there apartment shoots and are doing more cities than Berlin ( I love apartment shoots!). Like most successful sites there's they have also just published a book on their Berlin shoots, yeah!


All that Jazz

I'm so in love with this shoot done for Vogue Turkey.


i love you kimono

- grey area



this is mathilde.

Mathilde is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris. I really like her work and might just have to purchase something on her etsy shop.


Addicted to avocados

When I was little I absolutely detested, as in really really disliked, avocados. I used to describe to my family that the texture was too raw for my liking (duh well avo's are raw) and that it was just not going to happen. Well I'm not sure at what age I converted, but I am now an addict! Avo goes well with , almost, everything. So when I found this tumblr I couldn't help but share it.

yummy! guess what i'm having for lunch?



Hipster branding

I am moving out of my flat this weekend and still have a million boxes to pack!It really does amaze me how much I have gathered in the space of 3 and a half years, when I originally only arrived with one suitcase.
Just a quick post and then I must get back to the tedious task of throwing out magazines. Anyone who knows me knows that I love magazines and am in some way a bit of a magazine hoarder.
I came across this tumblr the other day where they have 'hipster-ised' the design of well known brands.