tom ford back with the ladies

When I think back on how I got interested in fashion, Tom Ford will always be a name that pops up as one of my greatest influences.

In South Africa back in the 90's to buy a Vogue magazine for me was a luxury, and probably half my pocket money if not all. The way I saw it, they were an investment, one I assure you will find boxed up at my parents house in case I ever need to refer back. One thing I loved the most were the GUCCI adds, when T.F was still with them. The clothes were great, but it was rather the provocative nature of the ads  which appealed to me. Coming from a somewhat conservative country, who dared do that and have it published in a magazine? Tom Ford!

Once he had left GUCCI it was to no suprise that he created his own  name brand TOM FORD.
Starting with eyewear and beauty products, he soon launched his menswear and accessory lines.
The genius even made a movie!

But what about us women?  Where's TOM FORD womenswear, huh?
Well I'm happy to announce that ladies, the man and his brilliance will be back in action starting from Januray 2011!
For now, splash on some black orchid  and slide on those sunnies, soon there will be a lot more of Mr Ford to go around for the ladies...



it's all about embracing your inner child

Wondering the streets of Paris, you're always bound to find something new and unique. So whilst exploring the little roads in Bastille  the other day, I came across a little shop called 'Cailles de Luxe'.
It was full of refreshingly different jewellery pieces, and what a great way to recycle the bits and bobs of your childhood. Embrace your inner child and have a laugh.

a soft wind blows and it's not just about art anymore

Rodarte sisters, Maggie Cheung and Joyce Boutique(HK) came together in the name of CHARITY.
The girls, Kate and Laura Mulleavy designed the four exclusive hand-made pieces which can be seen here in this short-film by Wing Shya.
These Maggie Cheung tribute pieces were inspired from four of her films: In the Mood For Love, Hero, Clean and Heroic Trio.
Everytime this film was watched on Youtube during the month of MARCH 2010, Joyce boutique donated HK$1 to UNISEF.
These pieces were also auctioned off, in the same spirit with the funds also going to UNISEF.

 Charity, what a beautiful way to give back to the worl!



quick share: over the taupe

OVER THE TAUPE by O.P.I., loving it. It's a bit more subtle than my usual over the top colours, but it still makes enough of an impression.