style crush

No wonder Karl Lagerfeld used her for his fashion show in St. Tropez. There is just something hypnotic about her look.

Well if you don't know her yet, you will! but one thing is for sure, we all know her dad.
At the age of 18 Georgia May Jagger is already a superstar...

...and we just love her style, but would you expect any less from a rockstar's daughter?

Love the shoe!

Ok, so I love but love espidrals and I have a pair in every single colour! However this summer I can't help but cheat on them with a pair of Rivieras, worn in Coasta Blanca by all the jet-setters in the 1950's.

Funnily enough I found this shoe while in the a men's shoe shop, but who says I can't have a pair?
If the shoe fits, it fits!


Clap your hands!

Sia Furler, or better just known as SIA might, at least before the release of "Clap your hands", be better known for her vocals with the group Zero 7.

I just love her music, and even more so her unique sense of style! Who knew you could make a dress from red tape ?



Off to loose myself in Alfama and discover the wonders of Fado.
Will be sure to find some new Portuguese designers too and take lots of photo's of this very avant-garde city.

Paquin qui?

In the fashion world "one day you're in and the next you're out" as Heidi Klum likes to put it on 'Project Runway'. Unfortunately that is the reality of the fashion world. If you can not keep up with high paced, always in demand of the latest trend consumer,  keeping them looking 2 days ahead rather than 10 seconds behind, you might as well be dead to the world. However it is often the case that a fashion house closes down due to financial hardship. It's always sad to see the disparation of a great fashion house (not that there have been too many in my day), but it's even better when it makes a come back!

Before the days of Madames Chanel and Vionnet, Madame Jeanne Paquin founded her fashion house in 1891 and was the first woman to do so. She was known for her 18th century-inspired pastel evening gowns and tailored day dresses. Her designs were innovative and modern with revolutionary ideas for at the time, but unfortunately this house closed it's doors in 1956 due to financial difficulty.

Flash forward to 2010 when we will welcome the House of Paquin once again into the fashion world, under the the guidance  Libertin Louison.

Personally I have never heard of him before, but he definately sounds promising and maybe just the right guy to relaunch Madame Paquin's ever forward thinking ways.

He started out as a designer, who moved into the world of perfume in 2003. Having been employed to launch the perfume labels for Paquin 18 months ago and having been a designer at origin, he suggested himself as the Artistic Director for this very exclusive line.  The pieces will be uniquely numbered inside and only 20,30,50 or a maximum of 100 will be manufactered per item. Collectors item, I would say so!

Can't wait for fashion week in October to see what Louison has up his sleeves!