A day with Jessica Weiss

A while back I wrote a post on Lucy Chadwick who was filmed by The Selby for Zara. I really enjoyed her story, style and if you remember especially her appartment.  Now H&M have also started with an 'H&M life' video campaign and first up is Germany's fashion blog darling Jessica Weiss.
She originally started LesMads blog, followed with a short stint as executive online editor for Interview Magazine and has recently launched her new blogazine project, Journelles. The only downside of this site is that I don't speak nor read German, I hope it will be available in english sometime soon?

She definately has a great sense of style and I can identify with so much she says in this video, especially when mentioning that if she has a lack of inspiration when getting dressed she always takes something comfortable. Maybe that sounds lazy to some, but really when it get's down to it if you feel comfortable it will just project a sense of confidence on the outside.
I also agree with her philosphy of being able to mix fast fashion with luxury. One doesn't need to have loads of designer items to be regarded as fashionable or stylish.



From Jozi with Love...

If there was ever a prize for the best non active blogger, I would be sure to win hands down. But I do however have a good reason(s). Two months ago I gave up the streets of Paris for the African sun. As if the move wasn't strenuous enough, I decided to not only launch my own jewellery label, but also a 'on the side' vintage label. Overambitious much? oh yes, and did I mention my computer crashing? Although they managed to practically recover all my files (hallelujah!) my whole computer is a mess and it's almost like a scavenger hunt tracking down certain images.

As a result, there is so much I want to share, that I should've shared already, but better late than never I guess? So in the next few weeks I will be digging a bit in the past as well as showcasing the present.