Rainy morning listening // WOODS

 I saw a really great band this weekend whilst in Stockholm and as it is a grey and rainy morning here in Paris i thought it only appropriate to share this song.



I take my hat off to you Miss Elizabeth Taylor

Where has my head been the whole day, 2+2 definately equaled 5 today. I did not even stop to think why there was an overdose of Liz Taylor pics all over the net, oh wait, I do remember at some point saying to myself 'it must be Liz Taylor day'. It was only when out of the blue I confessed to my one friend that I have a secret crush on Carry Grant, she informed me of the tragic news.
Miss Taylor was a lot of things and as we all know, her favourite past-time was getting married. There is however one thing I'll remember her for, the woman knew how to wear a hat!






my prayers go out to Japan

When I was little sunday mornings were dedicated to catechism at 9 followed by a religious (forgive the pun) visit to the Johannesburg National Art Gallery. I especially remember one Sunday my father taking us to a temporary exhibition on Japanese prints, which was followed by a workshop, for kids, on Japanese art. It's a memory I will never forget and I'm sure if I had to search my boxes of things stored away I would find some reminiscencents of this class tucked away safely.
This was however not my first encounter with Japan. My whole life I have grown up with a Japanese influence around me, whether it wasthe fact that every second piece of decor in the house came from Japan, my Granny's ikabana arrangements or learning how to fold origami with my Oupa, Japan was present.
Ironically enough I have never been to this country of geisha's and cherry blossoms, but never the less heart bleeds for the people of Japan in this devastating time.

As spring is arriving here in Paris, there are cherry blossoms everywhere, and instead of feeling the joy that normally by their sight, I'm overcome by sadness and heartbreak for the people of Japan.

So I'm sure like me most of you want to help, but might not neccessary know how. So after doing some research I found some different associations to whom one can a donation.

As the people of this world, we need to come together and help those in need, after all that's what you would expect in a situation like this.

Have a great weekend and if you can't donate just say a little prayer!



Love Loewe

It's maybe just that I am so excited for summer to come that I'm surfing the net for new summer fashions to see how I can breath new life into my closet which has been in hibernation for the past few months.
So staying with my current  obsession here is a look at the ad campaign from Loewe S/S11, with the gorgeous Mariacarla Boscono, who you might recognise from the Prada video campaign.


x mm


Proudly South African // David Goldblatt

Today I felt like an embarassed little South African. Whilst in a book store here in Paris in the art section, staring right back at me, a book on the works of South African photographer  David Goldblatt.
I felt embarassed because I had no idea who this man was, and yet the book was on Johannesburg 1948 to 2010. As soon as I opened the book an immediate feeling of nostalgia filled me, but utter proudness at the same time. And now the only thing which buggs me is how di i not know about him?
Whatever it be, I will learn as much as possible about him now, especially as he's exhibiting here at the 'Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson' untill April.

x MM

green living//Cluny House

Global warming is upon us whether we like it or not. The question that naturally comes with it, what can we do to help?  I recycle, which seems so petty now as I put it on black and white, but at least it's a start.
The guys from Guz Architects possibly make a larger contribution by making extensive use of sustainable design technologies. They believe in neutralising effects on global warming by planting trees wherever possible. On top of all that they contribute parts of their profits to organisations such as Future Forests.
Here's an example of their work, Cluny House, in Singapore.

claudie pierlot // SS 2011

Something which has been catching my eye a lot lately are fashion ad campaigns. I really liked this one by french designer Claudie Pierlot. As I travel a lot, the one thing it always comes down to is 'what to wear on the flight?' My mother always told me one needs to look good when flying, you never know what can happen on a plane.
So as summer is dawning upon us, with lots of summer travelling planned, here's to dressing well when flying.



ziggy balmain?

Finally as fashion week is coming to an end I am getting the time to blog about what went down the ramp and up the streets of NY, London, Milan and Paris.

Although a strong 'Ziggy Stardust' influence could be seen in the Balmain show I can't help but wonder if it was not maybe a tad bit too overpowering?


beautiful, freakishly genius

The art direction of Lady Gaga's new single, "Born this way" is freakishly beautiful and genius.
Need I explain more.