a horse affair

I'd never before been to the races in Paris, but I knew I had to get a new dress.  After a whole saturday of searching I found a great dress, however it was white and there was a little make up smudge on the collar. No worries, I say to myself, I'll just wash it. It didn't occur to me that I could also shrink it. Luckily I had another white, yes I know, dress hanging in my cupboard so I put it on and it was a, phew, lifesaver. Wait, I think I spoke too fast. You see, this dress was lightly wrinkled and I just wanted to iron it and in the process smudged make up onto it, yes I know! However, if one has so many white dresses hanging in your cupboard, be sure to have a colourful/darker coloured dress just in case the first 2 dresses dont work out.

Finally at Longchamps the dress fiasco long forgotten, it was time to sit back and relax and enjoy good food, wine, company and of course horses. I was on camera duty for the day, not that I mind of course, and lets just say I got a tad bit carried away. Here are some snaps of the day, for more you can go look at my flickr.

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the city I live in : one man's trash, another man's treasure PART 1

Wow, what a weekend! I felt like I needed another 3 days just to recover (hence the fact I'm only writing about it on thursday). This is part 1 of a 2 part post as I have a lot to share.
From the minute I left work friday evening it was go go go. Starting of with a dinner at Grazie (finally) with my sister and uncle, who happened to be in town.

Grazie is is a rather new restaurant opened by Julien Cohen, the son of Marie-France Cohen ( the lady who started the wonderful and glorious world of Merci), on Boulevard Beaumarchais. Its focus is on sensational cocktails and deliciously fresh pizza's. The decor is amazing, and well that bar is 'tres' cool!
Having finally learn't my lesson after the umpteenth time of last minute booking, you need to book a table well in advance for friday night dinners in Paris, especially in the new and trendy restaurants. If you haven't booked and are just in Paris for a short time, definately make a point of popping by and having a cocktail at the bar.

Unfortunately the lighting was super dim and I didn't want to look like a complete tourist, so the bar is the only photo you get.

Correction, I also took some photo's of the toilettes. I have a secret obsession with restaurant bathrooms, if they look cool, I will snap a pic or 2 even if I get funny looks more often than not. ( I could actually do a post on the bathrooms of Paris).

On saturday morning as the uncle was leaving that afternoon we decided to meet for breakfast at Le comptoir general.

Unfortunately I never read that it was only open for Brunch on Sundays. That didn't stop me and while the people were cleaning the reminiscents the morning after from the night before I was busy taking photo's of this awesome venue!

I will definately be coming back when it's more vibey, it's definately got the atmosphere.
After finally finding a place to breakfast early on a saturday morning in Paris (almost impossible) we went off to the vintage market at Porte de Montreuil to look for some bicycles. I however got caught up in the world of cheap old furniture and especially fell in love with this kitchen cabinet. Oh how I am dreaming of a bigger appartment which I can decorate with a melange of things I've collected from all over.

Searching for a bicycle is some serious hard work, and even though we got an early start, we still managed to only get home at 15h00. Sadly in the process we missed what seemed to be a spectacular picnic with some of our friends. The photo's were so great I had to share some.
It was organized as the fanciest picnic ever with the setting being the Versailles gardens.

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wednesday things #2

here are a few things I like at the moment:

Closet visit - Home and studio visits is the latest trend to have hit the blogisphere. I think it works so well in part because of curiosity.

Therese Sennerholts - I've been lliking these graphic prints for a while no, simple and easy yet effective

things organised neatly - i had to stop myself from not reblogging the whole entire tumblr

 Bryan Adams - we all know him for the summer of '69 but he's photography is even better

Cocoon by Meg&Dia - I think it was more the cover which drew my attention at first, but I actually really like the album too


enhance the everyday

this is Pia.

she likes to travel, style interiors, take photos and make books.


maybe Paris 

 and on some occasions
on a housebout in Amsterdam

she just recently released this book
with some of these lovely images inside

her website is amazing 
and secret confession, 
i'm just a little bit obsessed with her blog right now

for those of you in Australia 
this is for you

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fashion as art / / Prada fantasy lookbook SS11

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