last night I met the Moon at Le Carmen

How often do you find yourself at a book club soiree at a bar, which happens to be not only be a UNESCO heritage sight but also the previous residence of none other than George Bizet ( the guy who wrote Carmen, you know, the opera). I'm guessing not very often.

However that is exactly where I found myself last night was the launch of The Tale of Three Cities.
The idea was to come along to Le Carmen with a book you've enjoyed and loved, no 'Eat, Pray Love', and exchange it with someone else for a book they have enjoyed and loved.

I personally think this is a fantastic idea, because not only does it make it easier to approach people but it changes the normal chit chat to be had between two strangers.
The ambience was great and everywhere there were peopple with books even the guy at the door. Yes i know what you might be thinking 'nerdy soiree', it was everything but. Some of my friends, well myself included, had this weird impression that if we didn't show up with a book we would not be allowed in, so some showed up with books not for exchange, but rather to have something to discuss.
So much to be learnt and even more to be read. My one friend brought along his favourite book of a french fashion photographer, Sarah Moon, and before last night I had no idea who she was, and all I can ask myself is HOW?

Getting back to Le Carmen, this bar is incredible. From outside there's no name and if you didn't know it was there, you would just walk straight past it. Once inside however it's a completely different story.
Decorated by Antoine Platteau, 'un dcorateur de cinema', the entrance makes for a dramatic scene witha huge cage and a chair inside to your right.

Turning to your left one looks straight at the bar, which obviously like most has lots of bottles of alcohol behind it, but a snake in a jar, now that's something you don't see everyday.

 From this point on there is a room behind curtains to your left, dum dum dum all dramatic, and to your right a lounge with a huge grand piano, which is not just an ornamental piano, but one for playing.

There is a lot more to this bar than what I have explained, but what would be the fun in it for me to tell you about it, when what you really need to do is to go there and experience it first hand.

So I leave you with that thought and the music of the song writer who played there last night, Tom Rosenthal.
Superfresh by Tom Rosenthal

x M


what I learn't this weekend

  • Merci is closed on a sunday :(
  • A nice pair of black skinny pants does always save the day
  • I must just accept no matter how hard I try, my french is meant to be spoken with an accent
  • Summer is still in the far future
  • I've realised that as soon as I have complemented a friend on an item of fashion, it is always followed by "Where did you get it?"
  • I can not say no to my friend Lisa's vintage store (poor credit card)
  • I can handle pink, but these are just hideous shoot me now if they become a trend, I will die!
  • Live stream fashion shows are the future
  • Steamed broccoli is delicious and oh so healthy

NY fashion week//quick recap

How time flies, New York fashion week has come and gone and 3 days already into London chance tp show off.

Here's a quick recap on what went down.

It was as much about fashion on the runway as off, thank goodness for guys like Tommy Ton and The Satorialist who keep us updated on the latest looks off the pavement.

Here are some trends spotted on the runway.

It was all about the dots for Mr Jacobs, but then again do you not remeber spotting those dots before?

Top 10 shows by Fashionista, can't say I disagree. I must also agree with those who said it, Victoria Beckham's collections just keep on getting stronger and stronger.

Here are some interesting numbers from the week and my new favourite (although she is not a newcomer to the fashion scene just my knowledge) Nanette Lepore.

have a lovely sunday, and for one last time I leave you with what seems to have been the anthem of the week.


happy birthday Brancusi

The one thing I like about google, os the logo that constantly changes according to a celebration of some sort. Today Google celebrates the birthday of Constantin Brancusi, who, for those of you who don't know, is one of the masters of modern sculpture. "Histoire de l'atelier Brancusi", an exhibition of his Parisien workshop reconstructed, is now showing at the Pompidou untill 7 November 2011, so if you are in Paris this year, be sure to go and see it.

Brancusi in his workshop and the reconstruction at the Pompidou


 the kiss

 bird in space

the endless column

Princess X

"Princess X" had to be removed from the Salon in 1920, when it was revealed that it was a caracture of Princess Marie Bonaparte, the sister of Napolean Bonaparte. This sculpture symbolises her obsession with the penis and her life long quest to achieve the vaginal orgasm with the help of Sigmund Freud.

Happy Birthday Brancusi!



afternoon listening: PJ Harvey


Live the Language

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

My little sister and I are constantly exchanging mails on new things we've found, especially blogs. 
I hate reblogging what other people have blogged about, but it's inevitable that you will eventually blog the same thing, as long as you give credit when and where it is due to the original author. 
Ok,  back to the subject, she sent me the link to a blog called, Black Eiffel, and i just had to post this video on my wall too. I can totally relate to it, having lived in Paris for 2 and half years now, and that video I swear was a lot like my first year, except with a lot more getting lost. I so just fell in love with Paris again, not that my lover affair has ever ended, but you know what I mean.
Here for some more countries.




no more great ideas down the drain

One of the most annoying things for me is thinking of a great idea while you in the bath or shower. It's so typical that thats the only time after a whole day of unproductive work, your brain will all of a sudden start spitting out ideas.
Well I guess I wasn't the only one who felt this way, because some people actually came up with some great solutions.

On My Little Paris i found a note pad for the shower. Waterproof paper and pencil, how cool! Greatness under the shower from now on ;)

As for the bathing solution, I found this thing called a tub caddy, which is  a little table for the bath made from reclaimed oak. So not only is it recycling but also très practical for bath time.


bad taste grammy's

I'm not one to criticize the red carpet looks often, but it seems that even most artists have been affected by the economic crisis and can no longer afford personal stylists. There was a lot of bad taste last night that the poor carpet must be dying of shame today.
For every 10 bad looks, 1 person had good taste, so lets rather celebrate style than the lack there of.
Here are my top 5 looks.

Adam Levine - Maroon 5
I love the 3/4 pants with high lace up boots definately makes this look.

Lenny Kravitz
Pulling of the rocker look in absolute style, only Lenny Kravitz.

Paz Vega
Not sure who this girl is but I do love the back of her dress. Less is definitely more in this case.

Mixed feelings on his pants, but that almost Hugh Hefner pyjama jacket look is great. J'adore!

Selma Blair
Gorgeously pregnant Selma Blair kept it simple and elegant, that clutch however seems a bit out of place.

As for Lady Gaga, wowza, how will she top being carried onto the carpet in an egg? I was a bit shell shocked,  but then again would one expect any less from this Diva?

It can only get stranger from here on out.



it's a bag affair

So i've been looking for the perfect satchel bag since, well, a while now. You know when you have the perfect idea, in your head, thats the deal with this bag. I have had this idea of what it should look like and it's been impossible to find it, that I've been really close to just having one made. The thing is, it's a totally simple bag with no frills attached, but sadly nothing has been just right, that was until i saw the Alexa (yes for Alexa Chung) by Mulberry. Love at first sight! absolutely perfect in it's simplicity!
Now if only christmas would come early this year ;)


leaving a legacy, chez Colette

TRON has launched in France today and  the town is  a buzz with all things TRON. Even Colette has jumped on the band wagon as Disney unveils the films futuristic universe in the shop; from electrical gadgets to fashion items, but my favourite as always, the display window.

Tron influenced Superega's

This actually looks really cool, kinda makes me wish i had a scooter.

Jérome Rousseau shoes

TRON light stand for xbox and PS3

BURTON snowboard boots 

Let's hope the movie lives up to all it's hype!