happy weekend #2

Yesterday was one of those days, where I just wanted to write one simple little post, and ended up getting completely distracted by other things. So having actually forgotten what the initial plan was I've decided to share all the cool stuff I found yesterday!

I came across Franz Falckenhaus the other day on flickr and as I am a little bit obsessed with mixed media collages and the stories they tell, I just had to share him with you.

Not only is Mr. Kate's jewellery just totally fun but I really also like this shoot done for the lookbook of her  latest collection Days of Ore.

The Mulleavy sisters are just so super creative and amazingly talented. This month they curated A MAGAZINE CURATED BY RODARTE, in which they used another super talented youngster, Elle Fanning, in Rodarte SS12 shot by Bill Owens.

There's also Kirsten Dunst, showcasing Rodarte AW11, shot by New York photographer David Armstrong. I just love the whole dreamy feeling you get when looking at this shoot.
 All images from A BLOG CURATED BY

Tavi Gevinson Closet Interview for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

It's so hard to believe that this girl is 15. This is part of a shoot she did for the site Style like u. This is another great site which showcases the freedom of expression through personal style.

The idea behind ten songs that saved your life is to ask artists, musicians, writers, designers about the ten songs that saved their lives. Thought it only appropriate to share the play list of the Mulleavy sisters.

And to all my friends in Paris, tonight is the launch of L'annuel, a 136-page printed magazine, the pluridisciplinary companion to the Sound Pellegrino Festival 2012. It is described as "Us and our friends, trying to predict the near future in architecture, cinema, politics, music, communication, health and many others fields, how to adapt —and sometimes being really silly at it"

Have a fantastic easter!



I would love... have a big flared out leather skirt like this. A while ago, on some blog somewhere (can't remember) I saw a girl with the most loveliest brown long leather skirt and since then i've been obsessed with finding the most perfectest of perfect leather skirts. This one comes pretty close, but I think my bank account and I will have to find one we can both agree on, so for now I'll just stare at this picture and imagine myself in this skirt.
Chloe Sevigny for Purple Magazine #14 by Terry Richardson via Oracle Fox   


Le Xeme

Remember Mathilde, well on top of being a graphic designer and illustrator, she also does really cool interiors for really cool bars. Here are some pics of a bar called Le Xeme (in the 10th) in Paris which she did.