Seven Henrietta Street, a film for Kate Spade

do you ever get Thursday morning blues? it's when you realise the weekend is almost there, but just not close enough. Hopefully this will cheer you up.

Happy Thursday!



a night at the market

With the 1 December not only comes the countdown to a new year but it's when everyone starts to embrace, I mean truly embrace, the christmas spirit and Christmas markets start to pop up!
Last night I attended the market on main for their Christmas edition. Although it was raining it was still great fun with bloody Mary's, sushi, crepes, shopping and listening to great music, I even spotted some stylish mec.



It's what I'm into, totally!

There is this brilliant new local website called itswhatiminto and let me tell you it's so the types of things I'm into. It's made up of a bunch of local contributors living in Cape Town, Jozi and Durban and they bring the latest of South African culture, fashion and interiors. They've just recently launched the site but I'm already obsessed!


D la Republica creates poetic spaces

 Absolutely fabulous!

Uno spazio tutto mio for D la Republica, styled by Flavia Liberatori and photographed by Laura Villa Baroncelli & Manuele Geromini. 


 Absolutely fabulous!

Bling bling Barbie

I'm sure I am not alone when I tell you that when I was little it came to a point where my mom had to hide my sisters dolls, which were mostly Barbies, because I used to enjoy giving them make-overs. I was most famous for my dreadful haircuts, but then again as far as a 3 year old's imagination went, I didn't understand why their hair didn't grow back?

When I was little I used to pop the heads off of my Barbies. I also used to cut their hair   short and give them mustaches, but that’s a whole other story...

Well as a jewellery designer, Margaux Lange, might still pop their heads off and cut their hands off but all for the sake of jewellery in which we can celebrate her's as well as pop culture icon, BARBIE.


Cyber Monday

Don't you sometimes regret opening an email, not because there is bad news, but because you know it is bad news for you and your bank account. Last night I clicked on the wrong link of a newsletter and instead of seeing the lovely interiors of a Paris apartment I regretfully opened the link to cyber Monday,  with a list of all our fav online shopping sites and amazing discounts available for a very limited time period. Go have a look, while I am going to try very very hard not to crack under discount pressure.



a night of a 1000 drawings

Last night I finally went to my first night of a 1000 drawings and I even helped out as a volunteer (pat on the back).  For those of you not in the know this is what it's all about:

"1000 Drawings is a one night exhibition made possible by everybuddy out there donating a5 drawings to paballo ya batho (an inner city homeless care organisation) who sells the drawings to the public for R100. All are welcome to donate drawings to make a difference, from novice to pro. Draw anything, with anything on anything A5."
It was a great evening which took part in Braamfontein at The Grove and across the road at (my new favourite Saturday hangout) the Neigbourgoods Market.
The vibe was awesome and everybody was there to support a good cause!

This last one is one of the pictures I bought and I just love it absolutely love it!