Family Stone

I'm absolutely obssessed with this Australian brother sister folk group, Angus and Julia Stone. When I played some of their music to a friend the other day, she replied by referring to the lyrics, 'I like music like this, it's so nice to still hear people dream'. I totally agree, everything about their music is just dreamy; the lyrics, their voices and even the music videos...loving it!

Sadly they have just been in Paris and were completely sold out, but lucky for me they will be back here next April and this time I'll be sure to get my ticket!


Christmas stocking joy ♥

23 days to go till Xmas, it's absolutely insane! I don't think I would even have realised if it wasn't for my one sister who sent me  long wish list of all the possible goodies she would like this year. Should i take that as a hint she did not enjoy my present last year? My dad on the other hand buys himself presents, just in case he gets disappointed by not getting what he wanted from us.
It's not a bad idea, avoid disappointment and fill up your own Xmas stocking this year, you've worked hard enough, i know i have! So why not start by hitting some of the fantabulous private sales here in Paris.

Go spoil yourself, after all Christmas only comes round once a year!



tic toc tic's to my resolution

Walking to work this morning it dawned upon me that in exactly one month I'll be another year older. Well, personally for me the idea is just frightening! Sure, I'll be lying if say there wasn't a time when i looked forward to having my birthday, sweet 16, legal 18, mature adult 21. Even when some of my friends were struggling to grasp the thought of turning 20, i was even super excited to turn 25.
However, the years left in my twenties are slowly coming to an end and are closer to 30 than 20. Although it's not my age which bothers me, it's what i have achieved at this age. I can be quite hard on myself that i know, but I just feel unfulfilled with this year, and as there's only 1 month left before the end that i feel maybe i should try and turn it around. So instead of starting my new years resolution on my birthday or on New Years, why not start now! Slowly with little resolutions, which I can start at any minute of any hour of any day and with no rules attached.
I often feel, and maybe you are the same, that you start your resolution as the clock strikes 12 and then if you break it, well that's it, the resolution is forgotten and back we go to our bad habits, that is until the next year. Yip we all do it, why do you think the gym is always so full in January, and by the time June arrives it's you and 20 other empty bikes at the 6 am spinning, that's if you've even made it that far.
New Year resolution's suck and it's not that I'm boycotting them, it's just that i think making daily resolutions for myself will elevate the pressure and make it more likely to succeed in a year filled with resolutions but no pressure of it actually lasting a year.
So I'm not going to make a list of 1 million resolutions to start right now, I'm just going to start with one simple one and that is to post here more often. This is rather going to be something for me than for anyone else; a visual and written journal which I'm willing to share if you are interested to read.
This has been a serious lost in translation year, and it's not just because I'm working and living in a foreign language, but also because i actually have just felt lost.
So this is a little resolution to build my map and discover life and everything else with it, whatever it is, not just fashion and design.