happy weekend#1

The weekend is finally here along with the end of the month and the beginning of summer holiday, for most people. I am however not one of those lucky ones as I am still in the office next week, but what is an extra week now in any case, especially when followed with a long holiday back in South Africa.
Here are some things I have gathered this week during my internet explorations:

  •  INSPIRATION - I am absolutely in love with this guys look.
  •  Totally obsessed with see through dresses and skirts, all you need is a great pair of high waisted briefs ( you know, the ones Carrie in SATC used to wear) and you good to go.
  • what can I say, I like this picture, let's focus on the details

  • Just came across this rather young brand D.EFECT
  • I grew up in a house full of wallpaper and although it's not always easy, I still like the idea of it
  • Not sure if this is actually practical, but in the words of Rachel Zoe ' I die' for those crystals

  • talk about a room with a view, it would however scare me to live in a glass house in the middle of the woods.

  • this makes me think of holiday

  • so simple and yet it makes such a great impact

  • I am really liking this collection by Cooperative Designs and these Illustrations by David Poole just capture the feel of this brand.

Happy Holiday and remember this check list done by My Little Paris 


    mary sibande

    In less than a month I'll be back home for the holidays! So much of excitement going around, especially as it will be le man's first visit to the motherland. I constantly find myself searching more things to see and do, I am clearly very scared of missing out. I think it's partly due to missing a great exhibition, by Jo'burg based artist Mary Sibande, last year when I was back home just before the world cup. Her series long live the dead queen were ‘attempts to critique stereotypical depictions of women, particularly black women in our society’. 



    cut the rain, it's movie time!

    One of the great things of summer in Paris is the open air cinema at Parc de Vilette which runs from 19 July to 21 August. It's a great way to meet up with friends after a busy day in the office, all you need is a blanket, some snacks and wine and you're set. This year's theme "D'une Rue a L'Autre" is all about the streets with some great films in the line up.
    Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese

    Les Triplettes de Belleville - Sylvain Chomet

    Mon trésor - Keren Yedaya
    Quai des Orfèvres - Henri-Georges Clouzot 
    Le Cercle - Jafar Panahi
    Kiss me deadly -  Robert Aldrich
    Alice dans les villes - Wim Wenders  
    Les Lumières du faubourg -  Aki Kaurismäki  
    On the Town -  Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen  

    Bonnie and Clyde - Arthur Penn  
    La Haine - Mathieu Kassovitz   
    Manhattan - Woody Allen
    West Side Story -  Robert Wise  
    Now all the rain needs to do it stop so summer eveinings in the park can be had.



    wednesday things # 3

    So far this week the weather has been rather ghastly, the sun has gone, the rain has come and the skies are grey. It's almost questionable if summer will eventually come.
    I thought I would dedicate this mid week post to happer, sunny days filled with bright colours.

    -"if you happy and you know it clap your hands" Julie Verhoeven

     - rainbows and lace for Cristopher Kane resort E12 

     - blue bicycle - hanneli
      - colourful spaces - the coveteur

     - colourful feet - the facehunter
      - fabulously colourful - tommy ton for



    weekend things #2

    I know it has been forever since my last post. I've actually been writing things, but just not been posting them as I have not had the time to organise the images. Life has been crazy on this side, but I shall soon share all that's been experienced and lived in my absence.
    For  now let's start off the week with some photo's snapped this weekend.

    x mm