an office to wake up for in the morning

You often hear people say, if you don't wake up in  the morning excited to go to work, you are probably not in the right job. My Little Paris is a website I've been following probably since it started. It's probably one of my best discoveries I've made since being here, that is after freshly baked almond croissants.
I can't remember when I subscribed to their newsletter or how I even found their website, but every morning when I open my mail I have a newsletter with something to do with or in Paris. It's definitely a recipe that works, so much so that they published a book.
One thing which always crosses my mind when reading this newsletter, I wonder what the office looks like? Is there an office? Does My little Paris get written in a chambre de bon in one of the high rising buildings of Montmatre? Well today I finally got my answer, and let me tell you, I don't think I'd go home if I worked in an office this awesome!



a royal affair

Tomorrow finally Wills and Kate will tie the knot! The whole world is waiting in excitement and of course it wouldn't be a royal affair without all those memorabelia goodies! There are some seriously ridiculous things, but here's a collage of my few favourites:

THE dress - Issa  ♥  Sick Bag - Lydia Leith    Oven - Falcon    Royal  Tea Bags - Dom     Wedded gloves - Donna Wilson     Shoes - Anna Winship     Yes or No tea cup - Ben Simon    Coupled shoes - New Balance  ♥  Waving Queen - Chris Collicott


rainy day blues

After the most perfect few days of sun and bliss, the heavens would open upon us and the cold set in. So whilst sitting in the office, freezing away I can only but dream of being back home all cozy in my bed or on my couch with a good book thawing myself at a nice warm fire, thats if only i had a fireplace in my flat. Oh, a girl can dream!



 x MM


wednesday things

The one thing I love about public holidays on a Monday, it makes the week just fly by, 2 more days to the weekend yay!
So i thought I'd do a post on a few things that have inspired me on this oh so lovely wednesday!

-The show must go on
Even without a fashionweek in Japan for AW11, it did not stop designers to have shows of their own or get their look books out. I really liked the collection "Youth Cult"  of G.V.G.V, which continues the theme of her SS11 collection "Wanderlust". A story of a girl who was travelling the world, and now gone back to her boarding school in England, maybe a little bit Gossip Girl inspired? Nevertheless I like it, with the sense of feminine vs masculine and the incorperation of traditional British fabrics such as tweeds, checks and pleads mixed with leathers and military style.

- Fashion illustrators on the up
I'm not sure it's that I've only started noticing it now, but fashion illustrators are definately becoming very popular.
Everytime I see an article on one I kind of secretely wish I had paid more attention in art class on how to make your watercolours work for you. I just really love the effect of watercolours. Maybe I'll give it a try, but untill then I will keep on enjoying these super talented folk!

Aurore de la Morinerie
- Electric blue
A colour I have spotted non stop since I left my appartment this morning, whether it be in the street or in shop windows. This colour is HOT!

- Paris Street look 
I really like on the Vogue website they have on a weekly basis a few street looks, and normally not the same as the ones you get on every single othe streetstyle blog. Here's one I particularly liked today.

- Shirt by  Rag & Bone
- Bag by Zara
- Socks by Happy Socks
- Sunglasses by Illesteva
- Shoes by Zara 

- Shoot Factory
Looking for a great location for your next production or photoshoot, why not have a look here.

Have a lovely Wednesday!



music filled summer days

As you are more than well aware it was Coachella this past weekend, which meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  It may sound ridiculous, but for me it marked the beginning of the summer here in the northern hemisphere. Summer days are here and will be filled with great music, oh and fabulous fashion.
When I go to a concert, all my friends know my first thing I worry about is, 'What do I wear?'.
If you have ever looked at photo's of music festivals it's as much about what you wear as it is about the line up.
So where does one find just the perfect outfit to wear? Well fashion always finds a way to draw inspiration from it's past, and to state my case I thought I would do a few comparisons of Coachella 2011 VS Woodstock '69.

 - floppy straw hats

- flowery prints

- the hippy tassels

- beads and prints

What would be your music festival style this summer?
Here's a look at a typical outfit I'll be wearing, with the key goal to look good and still be comfortable.
Some key ingredients will also be, my camera, water and sunblock!

-Tshirt  - Necklace - Hat - boobtube - shorts - sunglasses - jacket - camera - bag - shoes



Return to Giverny

If there is ever one regret of something I have still not done whilst living here in France, it would have to be that I have still not visited the wonderous world of Monet, Giverny. I'd like to blame it on the extremely short duration of spring and summer combined, but in the end it boils down to poorly executed weekend plans and travels everywhere but there.  If Monet had not already convinced me, this extremely young and super talented photographer, Erik Madigan Heck, has definately made me pray that this weekend is beautiful and  sunny for a visit to the lilly ponds.



Oh Grace where is the sun?

Growing up I was raised on the old school movies, which I just loved! One of my all time favorites was High Society, with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and that beautiful silver mercedes. There was just so much glitz and glamour of the 50's, which is probably one of the reasons darling Grace made such an impression on me.
So whilst yearning for the sun and with the knowledge of my sisters visit in Monaco today, I thought I'd do a summer fashion tribute to Grace Kelly.

Bathing costume - Espidrals - Hat - Lips - Sunblock


6 things to do in paris this weekend

  •  get an art overload with a visit to Art Paris at the Grand Palais

  • Saturday is predicted to be super sunny  and tempeartures in the 20's so take a bike ride 

  •  go for a picnic in the park

  • and don't forget to put on some sunnies because yes you guessed it, the sun is back!

  •  have an apero on the seine

  • sundays in Paris are brunch and vintage market days, so why not enjoy them together at the TombĂ©es du camion stand  (aux Puces de saint-Ouen)
x MM