Excess in total equilibrium

I am one of those people who when they fly takes all the free magazines, whether it is the ones offered at the airport or on the plane, the results are that I get home at least a kilo heavier than i was after checking my bags in. I never end up reading these free little joys of entertainment and then it finally ends in the trash 2 months later having half read  maybe a total of 2 articles. Well this time I told myself, you can take the magazines if you read them and then leave them and so that is what I did, I read them and whatever I really enjoyed I made notes of to follow up further.

I could not help but turn back to the article on Alain Delorme's Urban Totems, there was just something about these pictures which entertained my eyes for a great part of the flight. For the artist it was to find a way between the absurdity of the materialist world and mankind's age old dream of reaching for something higher while keeping the wheel turning.



Public domaine skate board culture @ the gaite lyrique

The idea of skate boarding has always been somewhat scary to me. How is it possible to balance while moving on four wheels and a board, there are no breaks so how do you stop? yes okay, dumb question, but with all that coordination I would most probably end up in a wall before I could react to stop myself. At the Gaite lyrique  they've had the most incredible exhibition for the past 2 months on the art of skate boarding, and I don't just mean the ability to balance but the actual art found in this skateboarding culture. It finishes today, so if you are in Paris go and check it out it is definitely fascinating!