it's kinda a big thing

So the latest, and very, news in our household is that my older sister is getting married. It's the first of four daughters, so it's kinda a big thing! My poor dad on the other hand has probably been dreading this day, in fear that there will be a domino effect, and as one wedding is already tres tres expensive imagine FOUR!
I once mentioned to this sister, as we both designers and work for ourselves, that if all else fails why don't we become wedding planners, its a very lucrative business and i mean after all how difficult could it be?!
Her answer to me was 1) she first wants to be married before starting to organize other people's weddings and that 2) when she does get married, I can organize it so she can see if I'm any good.
The past 2 weeks so far have been all about pinterest pinning, looking at millions of wedding sites, finding the perfect photographer, changing the date at least once and dealing not (yet) with a bridezilla, but rather momzilla!

here's a sneak peak of one of her pinterest boards.

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